All of these titles cost £6.95 except for * which is £7.50




Mario Petrucci Shrapnel and Sheets ISBN 0903074923
Simon Rae Rapid Response ISBN 0903074966
Roger Elkin Home Ground * ISBN 190209672X
  Points of Reference ISBN 090307480X
John Greening The Coastal Path ISBN 0903074877
Anne Born Planting Light ISBN 1902096584
Wendy Bardsley Steel Wings ISBN 0902074053
  Solving Atlantis ISBN 1902096916
Jane Beeson Quartz ISBN 090207494X
Rupert Loydell The Giving of Flowers  
Carol Burns Fine Lines  
Roland John To Weigh Alternatives  
Doris Corti The Tumbling Sky  
Alison Chisholm Daring the Slipstream ISBN 0903074990
Levi Tafari Rhyme Don't Pay ISBN 0903074788
Jeremy Duffield Oak Apples and Heavenly Kisses ISBN 1902096614
P.C. Evans The Unreal City  
Herbert Williams Looking Through Time  
Brian Wake Into Hiding  
Poet's England series Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Wirral, Derbyshire